I had just had a baby, and I knew I had changed. Something in me – my music and sound – was different and I knew I had to find out what it was about.

I explored this at the piano for a while, and the further I dived into my new universe I realised that it was about more than a change in sound. Motherhood brought about a side of myself, I hadn’t been in touch with before. An ability to love unconditionally and at the same time a fierce instinct to protect my own. Therefore my music has both a raw and a very gentle side to it.

My own mom once told me, that my name Ulla, derives from the word Ursus, and actually means “a small she-bear” in Danish: hunbjørn. My name HunBjørn captures the values I want to portrait with my music beautifully. Being strong, being courageous, being able to love and embrace all of yourself.

That day I knew I had found a new purpose. I wish for all of us to seize our inner she-bear. To release the power within and stay true to ourselves. as we try our best to live out our dreams.