A Flow Write a Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

by | Nov 18, 2020

As one say, or maybe it’s just me 😉 Just came up with it, but it makes good sense just now. And I feel like doing a flow write for this blog, so here goes.

Ever had the feeling that time is running so fast, it seems like the days, weeks and even months just flashes by. That’s how my life feels at the moment. I can’t remember what I did yesterday or last week, but I know I’ve been working a lot, so I most have been doing something. I’m just not sure exactly what.

In the spring I had a plan to blog about the process of writing and producing new songs, but as you know, plans and promises to yourself, are easy to forget. (Guess that’s why I rarely go to the gym – besides finding it quite boring)

Silence, silence and a little more silence.

The songs and productions are taking shape, and I’m finding myself getting more and more introvert. I really just want to focus everything around myself. I feel like spending as much time as possible alone. Just some instruments, my computer and a lot of silence. I need silence around me in order to hear the music within me. I’m still honing a sound. Something new is emerging, growing slowly, trying to find its way out and I’m trying to listen to it.

Besides craving silence, I’ve also been spending quite a lot of time swearing  at my computer for not making the music come out exactly as the abstract inner ear hears it. When not swearing at the computer, I’ve been watching a lot of  tutorials on YouTube trying to learn new technical ways of producing.

It’s fun and frustrating at the same time. I’m learning so much new stuff, that I hope will merge together with what I already know, and in the end turn into a new album.

But this introverted way of working doesn’t harmonize so well with social media and writing blog posts about the process. I wish it did, but it’s hard to switch between being introverted and extroverted. It’s not that I haven’t been writing, cos’ I like that very much. But instead of blog posts, I have been writing poems and lyrics,  and now we’re back at the doctor flow write – thing. I’ve been flow writing A LOT A LOT!

Dig for gold in your subconsciousness.

A little flow write a day keeps the doctor away has been my mantra for these past months.

If you don’t flow write you should really try it. It’s fantastic and very easy. I do it in two different ways.

In the morning I write 3 pages of whatever my head is full of, usually it’s about very mundane stuff. Things I have to remember, who to call, what I’m feeling at the moment and so on. A flow write diary of a kind to empty my head and find answers to questions that’s been roaming inside me.

I actually picked the habit up from the book ‘Creativity’ by Julia Cameron. A wonderful book, that takes you through a 12 week course of getting in touch, or more in touch, with your own creativity. I think the newest edition of the book is called ‘The Artist Way’, check it out here. It comes with my biggest recommendation.

I also use flow writing as a way of practicing and keeping my song writing skills in shape.

I let my subconscious mind talk for a while. Put whatever words and sentences that comes to mind down on the paper. Often my starting point will be a feeling or a mood. Most often a story emerges. Sometimes it’s just weird sentences and strange metaphors. Almost always my sentences start to come out in a rhythmic pattern after a certain amount of time. Like they’re just waiting for melody and some harmony to become a song.

So much material is generated that way. I don’t use half of it, but I’m sure the best sentences will stay with me, and when the right song is there, I know the words will break the surface and find their place in the bigger picture.

Well, you should try it. Set a clock for 7-10 minutes and see what comes out. Don’t stop, don’t think too much, just let it out. You’ll be surprised how much gold you have inside.

And with that note, I’ll get back to swearing at my computer and craving more silence. So long 😀


  1. Samuel Campbell

    I love this idea and going to do it ∆__∆ I’ve been feeling low , so feel this will pick me back up even if it means writting it down. And yes Im the same swearing at my computer and phone cause its gone so need a new one lol hope you are well my friend ∆__∆ if mine head comes up with a song I will send it to you. Plus going to look up them books ❤💙

  2. kasper

    Great write thanks!

    • HunBjørn

      Thanks a lot, Kasper.


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